A new air, day, era for CARLOTA is now.

Elaborada con fibra de fique tejida a mano por artesanos colombianos, detalles en suave  piel de becerro con forro impermeable. Cinturón para ajustar y jugar con la forma. Nuestra Bonnet Fique Black hecha con fibras naturales, es ideal para complementar outfits sencillos y ligeros.

  • Made from fique fiber woven by hand by Colombian artisans
  • Genuine soft Calfskin Leather handles and belt details 
  • Belt can be adjusted to play with the shape
  • Magnet Closure
  • Organic design pairs perfectly with dresses or jeans. Carry it in the hand 
  • Interior waterproof lining
  • Figue fiber is a palm fiber that is used for making Colombian Coffee sacks

2022 CARLOTA fique collection. Made in Colombia.

Ancho: 48cm
Alto: 37 cm
Profundo: 30 cm
Cierre: Imán
Bolsillo interno: 1
Asas: 65 cm
Material: Cuero y fique