CARLOTA seeks to reduce the environmental impact of the leather and textile industry. By taking matters into our own hands, this mission is a step forward towards securing a better future for the future generations through the realization of our ECOllection. 


Our Vegetable tanned leather follows an artisanal process of making leather. While it may take 28 times longer than other processes, it is more environmentally friendly, sturdy and durable. In CARLOTA we value quality over quantity down to the materials of our products. 


Raw Denim, with no treatments, no waste of water and energy, no chemicals. Just indigo in the epitome of its expression. 


We work with tanneries and textile plants closely working with environmental regulations (CAR).


With this initiative, we aim to focus on the importance of our choices, and inspire others to improve their consumption habits. Our choices in production and development are making a difference, and your choices of purchase can too.